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    Genesis 46:8

    And these are the names of the children of Israel, which came into Egypt, Jacob and his sons: Reuben, Jacobs firstborn.

Why the King James Version – Part 3

Come Hither? The biggest complaint I’ve heard about the King James Version of the Bible is that the archaic words such as “hither” and “spake” distract from listening to God’s voice. Readers often feel that they’re so busy trying to convert “hither” to “here”, “spake” to “spoke”, etc., in their…

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Why the King James Version – Part 2

The Unprovable Certainty of the Original Text The other reason I use the KJV is more, for lack of a better term, faith-based. I believe that the underlying text of this version is the text that God dictated and then preserved throughout time, i.e., the Masoretic text for the Old…

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Why the King James Version? – Part 1

Introduction – Thou Versus You The influx and proliferation of so many versions of the bible in the English language has probably occurred because many people find the old English in the King James Version difficult to understand, cumbersome, and maybe even intimidating. Thanks be to God, you are perfectly…

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